2014 WAMI Award Winner

"Enjoyed the show last night!"
Nikki Lesure-Williams

"You all were awesome as always!!!"
Laura Tjaden

" you guys were awesome at malarkey's last night! thanks again for the guitar pick!"
Scott Koehler

" I'm coming all the way from ATL to see you at Barley and Hops! It's been MANY years! Very excited!"
Lisa Hanagan

"When's your next disc coming out? I need more tracks for my i-pod...."
Jack van Schyndel

"UNITY, the band is the greatest band out there today! Always a fantastic time seeing Pita and Kelvin!"
Donna Blohm Glaser

"Thanks for coming and playing Madison. Hope you guys come back again soon."
Stefan Boyles

Band Bios

Kai 'Pita' Katobalavu

Kai 'Pita' Katobalavu — Founder and Lead singer, Rhythm Guitar:

Pita, a native of Fiji, brings his own take on roots Reggae music to the Midwest.  Sounding hauntingly like the beloved Bob, he has a family heritage steeped in music from the Pacific Islands and a personal drive to share these Jah-given gifts with the world. Pita strives to unite the world by writing, playing and sharing music with his diverse fan base.

Timothy Perkins

Timothy Perkins —Music Director, upright bass, electric basses, and vocals:

Timothy Perkins (upright bass, electric bass, fretless bass, and vocals) has developed his skills as a true all-around bassist. While living and performing in Kansas City, MO for several years he honed his skills as a Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Fusion musician. Tim consistently provides rock-solid bass grooves and is equally able to move into the spotlight with solo work ranging from fluid, lyrical melodies to the energetic speed work and finger gymnastics typically associated with the guitar and saxophone. While actively participating in the classical and jazz scenes in Kansas City, Tim had the opportunity to perform with many of the acts that toured across the United States. An abbreviated list includes such varied groups as Diane Schuur, Daniel Heifitz, Duke Ellington’s Orchestra and The Association.

Kelvin Ayres – Drummer and vocals:

Kelvin got his first gig at a house party in Indiana at the age of ten, playing with his dad, a Jazz musician with his family band. He traveled and played extensively throughout the United States at many venues as well as political functions and corporate events.His early musical influences were John Coltrane and Weather Report. With early favorites including John Coltrane and Weather Report, today Kelvin cites Usher and Producers Timbaland and Pharrell of the Neptunes as key in influencing him as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Anthony Robert Bessen

Anthony Robert Bessen – Acoustic & electric guitar, vocals:

Tony was born and raised in the Northwood’s of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, near the majestic porcupine mountains, overlooking Lake Superior; Tony was influenced by the overwhelming peace and serenity that the Northwood’s offer.
At the age of five, Anthony became fascinated with guitar and for years dreamed of the sounds it made and its' endless possibilities for new creation. Anthony finally picked up a guitar as a teen-ager and has never been the same since; continuing to evolve as a musician. Not long after he started his first band he felt the draw of music and the ability to express himself as a musician, and since that time he has been driven to become better every day. He has worked endless hours practicing his craft. He listens to and learns from everyone that has knowledge to offer in the field. Anthony has had the opportunity to learn from some of Wisconsin’s finest musicians.

Logan Dier – Keys and vocals:

"Mr. Logan" (keys, vocals) began his music career while still in the womb. His mother played George Winston Vinyl’s for him up until his glorious passage into this realm. By the age of four Logan began his piano training, and by the age of 6 he was enrolled into the Colburn School of Music.
Before he could drive, Logan was sneaking out of the home to play in local blues gigs at the venues in his area.  Apart from his classical training, Mr. Logan received a very early education in blues, rock, and jam band styles.